Leading progressive values to a victory in the Papineau riding

Fellow Progressives,

Now in early 2015, we find ourselves inching ever closer to that fateful date of the federal election, the result of which will impact our daily lives. A number of challenges await us, and our ability for mobilization will be a determining factor in writing a new page in our history. It’s in the spirit of such mobilization and community that I am submitting my official candidacy for nomination within the New Democratic Party of Canada (NDP) in the Papineau riding. I would like to thank the party as well as it’s selection committee for their confidence. My decision to run is the fruit of this popular fervor that was imparted to me as a result of numerous exchanges and meetings with a great many of you. The objective of my candidacy is the victory of our progressive ideas and values next October. In recent years, I’ve been tirelessly involved in establishing a vision, and enriching our local association with innovative ideas, social and economic reflections for the future. In order to win the nomination, I will temporarily withdraw from my responsibilities as Vice-President of Communications for our association so as to ensure neutrality and fairness in its decision-making process.

My political impetus and my values revolve around the pursuit of equality and the fight against all forms of injustice that have become the norm under Stephen Harper’s conservative government. The cuts in our public services and social programs are not a fatality. This brand of disastrous politics, decided upon by Conservatives and Liberals, is in the service of big money rather than ordinary citizens . We must refuse the dismantling of our public services and our social model for the sole benefit of a privileged few. Our current fiscal system only benefits the wealthy and large corporations, when in fact these should be the highest taxpayers who’s taxes  would allow us to better  protect, reinforce and improve social programs and services. We must have an economic policy based on the long term that considers environmental impacts while favouring sustainable development. We must also massively support small businesses and local craftsmen who struggle every day to survive and who, by their labor and passion, bolster the local  economy and contribute to the heath of our culture and our neighborhoods. We can change the way we do politics and fight against increasing inequality in our country. To do so, we need people with conviction and strong values who ceaselessly strive toward justice for all.

For several years, I’ve endorsed these ideas and proposals, and have sought to improve on them everyday, both within the NDP and among Papineau’s constituents. I intend to use all the good work done through this grassroots approach to ensure our ideals will be triumphant . With devastating conservative politics, and an absent Member of Parliament disconnected from our reality, it’s urgent to get into high gear and usher in change. Your support for my candidacy during the nomination will help ensure a victory for progressive ideas, and I’ll continue to meet with you to ensure i’m representing  your needs and expectations.

To bring about this change, I would be proud to count you among my supporters. The online form will allow my team and I to know the nature and extent  of your commitment. Your support means we can take concrete action for our community with a candidate that can confront Justin Trudeau on the substance of his policy and on issues of real concern to Canadian taxpayers .

I urge you follow my blog www.gaelchantrel.com where you’ll find my 10 commitments to spark this change. You can also follow my policies and daily news on my Facebook page. Your reactions and insights are essential to our success. Please circulate this letter and my proposals within your circles so that we can mobilize a maximum number of citizens in rejecting the policy of making things worse, and live in a country where the pursuit of social progress is a priority. I know that with your support, we can start redressing the wrongs done to our country and offer Papineau and its constituents a better future.

I’m on board with Gael Chantrel in Papineau!


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